List Of Autobiographies You Must Read This Summer


There is something about reading a memoir or an autobiography that completely encapsulates you. We become so intrigued by that person that reading over 350 pages about them seems less. Thus, we end up Googling more about the subject’s life.

From our favourite figures to concealed stories you might’ve never known about, such non-fiction books are the ideal way to get your true-story fix.

There is a massive range of mind-blowing autobiographies out there, and it might get tricky to narrow down the best ones for your summer TBR.

So, to help you figure out what is worth the read, we have curated a list of our favourite summer autobiographies below. So, pick a shaded area, pile up your favourite munchies and read these beauts.

Psst! We know these books will keep you so engrossed that you will finish them before summer, so we have also added a surprise book to elevate your reading experience this summer.

Here you go!

Autobiographies That You Have To Read This Summer | List Of 5

#1 – Friends, Lovers And The Big Terrible Thing By Matthew Perry

Being a huge fan of the TV show Friends, our list would begin with none other than “Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing by Matthew Perry”. If you are interested in knowing who Chandler Bing was in real life, then you have got to immerse yourself in this book.

But spoiler alert, this book is nothing like the TV show. If you are a true fan of the show, then the book might completely ruin it for you. This entire book is extremely dark. However, Matthew still manages to add some humour here and there to keep the readers from crying their hearts out. Quite Literally.

It begins with him focusing on his early life, talking about his parents, his upbringing, how he used humour to cover any insecurities and his relentless battle and incredible ongoing with addictions. And it keeps on getting dark and dark and dark…

Stock some paper tissues before you delve into this masterpiece because this book is not for the faint-hearted people. So, if you are one of those sensitive beings, then you had better read some books about Christian education for youth this summer rather than get your heart shattered by this book.

#2 – I’m Glad My Mom Died By Jennette Mccurdy

Attention, all the Millennials, we have something for you too. Remember McCurdy? Yes, the enchanting Tom-boy Sam Puckett from our very favourite Nickelodeon blockbuster, iCarly. Doing this role introduced her to fame when she was only fifteen. This autobiography revolves around the heartbreaking accounts of the problems and struggles she had to face as a child actor. Moreover, she shares the complicated relationship she had with her mother. This masterpiece has been a sell-out, and we cannot ask why!

#3 – Spare By Prince Harry

With the spectacles of the royal family in these years, it might not have surprised you to see this title on our list of books about 21st-century North American life. We think that for most of you, “Spare by Prince Harry” requires no introduction. Prince Harry’s autobiography is from the time around when his mother departed to about the present day. We think it was long-due for him to share his side of the story, minus the royal parades and camera that come unasked with his title and family. This is going to be the best precursor to a great Netflix show that might come.

#4 – The Palace Papers By Tina Brown

If there is any person who is skilled enough to jot down an entire book on the royal family, then it would be none other than Tine Brown. She is the one who wrote the biography of the late Princess Diana and worked in English journalism for more than 40 years. Brown takes us behind the palace walls to tell us the real-life story of the Windsors after Diana’s death. This is the ideal book to pair with the one we mentioned above, “Spare by Prince Harry.”

#5 – Anna, The Biography By Amy Odell

Anna Wintour is one of the most popular yet enigmatic fashion icons out there. In order to weave together the story of how she became the dynamic editor that she is today, Amy Odell interviewed collaborators, close friends, and famous people within the industry. For the people who love “The Devil Wears Prada”, this book would be perfect for you to read this summer.

Bonus Book – Is It Just Me?: A Canadian Conservative’s Unapologetic Thoughts About 21st Century North American Life

So, for the faint-hearted people who couldn’t read the autobiography by Matthew Perry, we have just the right book to keep you entertained. Get yourself “Is It Just Me?: A Canadian Conservative’s Unapologetic Thoughts About 21st Century North American Life” by Grant Moore. This book talks about all the issues that are at their peak in North America. Some of those issues are the National Football League, immigration, social media, diversity, relationships, COVID-19, #MeTwo, race relations, YouTube, and a lot more. However, even with these issues, you are promised a few laughs along the way.

What autobiographies should I read this summer?

Even though it is really up to you what you wish to read. However, if you are looking for recommendations, then our top picks are:

  1. Friends, Lovers And The Big Terrible Thing By Matthew Perry
  2. I’m Glad My Mom Died By Jennette Mccurdy
  3. Spare By Prince Harry
  4. The Palace Papers By Tina Brown
  5. Anna, The Biography By Amy Odell
  6. Is It Just Me?: A Canadian Conservative’s Unapologetic Thoughts About 21st Century North American Life by Grant Moore, and a lot more

How many books should I read during the summer?

During the span of summer, you must read at least five books. But this is not the limit, so feel free to read more if you wish.

What is the recent best-selling book?

This #1 best-seller is Camino Ghost, written by #1 NYT bestselling author John Grisham. This masterpiece takes you to Camino Island, where novelist Mercer Mann and bookseller Bruce Cable manage to get in trouble in paradise.

Can I read 3 books at one time?

Yes, why can’t you? It might come as a shock, but reading multiple books at one time is actually quite healthy as it helps you balance your pleasure reading and your required reading.

Summing It All Up!

And that is it for now! We are sure that all the autobiographies that we mentioned above live up to your expectations because there is simply nothing better than them. So, go and order these masterpieces right now and enhance your summer reading experience. If you have any other books in mind, then feel free to add these books to your TBR, but do give them a read. You are going to love every single page of these books!